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       Small Hands
Harp with String Spacing for Children
Small children need smaller instruments. Right? Violins and cellos go down to 1/16th. And there are lots of baby harps on the market...
...apart from ONE THING!
Smaller harps have always kept the same string spacing as full-size instruments.
Yet children’s hands are small, and struggle to reach strings that are spaced for adult fingers!
              And so it was, one day in Singapore...
Isabelle Moretti
“I love teaching in Singapore, because I get students of all levels
there - including beginners. Working with the smallest
children, I started thinking about how instruments like the violin have been
adapted to children’s bodies for a long time. We
know that moving to wider spacing later is no problem for
young violinists - so why shouldn’t it be an option for harpists? It would be simpler than having to ‘unlearn’ bad positions, caused by years of study on spacing that is too wide for the hand.
It’s so important to avoid tension when playing. It’ll cause
nothing but technical
problems, and also it
changes your relationship
with your instrument.
Who wants to feel like
they’re fighting their harp? Children should enjoy music as a natural extension of themselves.”
Isabelle Moretti spoke to her husband, Jakez François - who is also
the President of Camac Harps...

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