DHC 36
5 years warranty

DHC 36

Electric Harp

Height:144 cm
Weight:7.5 kg
Range:36 strings, 1A to 6A · A1 - A36

Camac Celtic nylon (A1 – D26), Galli lever wires


Carbon fibre


black, blue, red, green, white. Speciality finishes / ‘True Fire’ finish to order. Tripod, harness to order

“Camac’s ‘DHC’ model is the ultimate crossover instrument for everything from Celtic to rock! Light enough to wear comfortably throughout a full-length show, gorgeous on stage and fascinating to audiences, this harp inspired me to create new musical-theater works,‘In the Wings,’ ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Harp!’ and ‘Electra’s Lyre’ – which use electric harp as the sole accompaniment. Aside from its light weight, and spectacular appearance, producers, recording engineers and theater sound-techs are in love with its rich, resonant, even sound. For me, this is THE crossover instrument of the twenty-first century.”

Deborah Henson-Conant

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