Electro Paraguayan Harp

Electro Paraguayan Harp

Electric Paraguayan Harp

Height:137 cm
Weight:7 kg
Range:37 strings, 1B to 6A · B0 to A36

Camac Paraguayan nylon B0 – C20), nylon bass wires (B21 – A36)


Carbon fiber


black, blue, red, green, white. Speciality finishes / ‘True Fire’ finish to order

Having explored Colombia (via the EC Llanera 35, developed with Edmar Castaneda), and Venezuela (through the EL 37, with Leonard Jacome), Camac’s South American adventures have expanded to Paraguay. Jakez François, greatly enthused by his travels in Paraguay and in particular to the “Festival Mundial del Arpa” in Asuncion, took up the challenge of making a Paraguayan harp for the twenty-first century. It is an electric version, with a pickup on every string, and a carbon fibre body; it combines the savoir-faire behind the DHC 32, and the electric llanera.

Inspired by Paraguay, dedicated to this country where the harp was officially decreed a national cultural symbol in 2010, the extraordinary possibilities of this solid-body electric harp will be of great interest to the new generation of Paraguayan harpists, as much in South America as throughout the whole world.

5 years warranty